deadat25 (deadat25) wrote in pdx_geek,

Help me find this laptop!!

So, long story short my sister had her laptop stolen from her car at work back in September. And I know it's been a while but I'm hoping with a little help from everyone here we can track it down. It's a Powerbook G4 17 inch laptop, Aluminum case and lovingly worn keys.  Serial is V73175G6MVZ, and if your laptop matches(Pop out the battery and check) then there's a reward for getting it back. Maybe you bought a laptop off craigslist, maybe from a pawnshop or friend. No questions asked. I just want to get this back for my sister because a lot of her artwork was saved. Again, no questions asked, just email me and help me get this laptop back. Reward if found and I get contacted.

Also if you can think of any other websites or places I should post this so people can see and help me find it, feel free to let me know. I just want to get this thing back for her.

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