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Gamestorm is soon

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Gamestorm is in Vancouver, WA at the Hilton
Thursday March 25 to Sunday March 28
301 W 6th St. Vancouver, WA

Come by the Indy Hurricane booth!
Play in a game with Brian as the GM!

Brian St.Claire-King
Creative Diretcor, Vajra Enterprises
Brian King

* Website:


Brian St.Claire-King is the author of the RPGs Fates Worse Than Death, Tibet, In Dark Alleys and co-author of KidWorld and Hoodoo Blues.

Sessions for this user

[Indie] Are We Not Born Free? (Hoodoo Blues the RPG)
1850: A group of slaves set out to escape their plantation, pursued by a not-quite-human overseer. 2005: Those same escapees have come together to help a group of Katrina refugees escape a flooded town. Will the tragedies of the past be repeated?

Brian St.Claire-King
[Indie] The Floor is Made of Lava (KidWorld the RPG)
You go to save some kids being held prisoner in a big farmhouse. But before you can go in, they warn you that the floor is made of lava. And they have the burns on their feet to prove it. Characters provided by GM.
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