The Sniper in Drag (phasmaphobic) wrote in pdx_geek,
The Sniper in Drag

Mark Your Calendars: It's time to Shamble, or Fight the Good Fight!

May 30th is "May of the Dead" Zombie Day at Guardian Games. It's an all-day 11 AM to 10 PM (and later, for the adults and night owls) event. Events include: Two planned demos for my own newly-published survival RPG Cannibal Contagion, two separate 8-player prize tournaments of Left 4 Dead on the XBOX 360 (and all-day general playing of Left 4 Dead as well), two demos of the now out-of-print exclusive board game Last Night on Earth, some full-expansion tournaments of Zombies!!! the Board Game, six select zombie movies playing non-stop on the projector screen, a zombies-themed recurring D&D campaign, a zombies-themed demo scenario for the RPGA, some prize rounds of Zombie Flux, and multiple on-site zombie makeup artists - if you get made up as a zombie, you get a store-wide discount at the store for the day, and you are eligible for special prizes too!

I'm giving away free PDF copies of Cannibal Contagion to anyone who playes in the demo sessions, as well. You should all come. It will be a grand affair indeed!

I'll likely post an actual flier in the next week. But for now, mark your calendars, and come join the contagious fun.
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