Phillip M. Vector (lance_lake) wrote in pdx_geek,
Phillip M. Vector

Windows XP Pro broke

Came back from the convention (it went well) and found that the checkdisk I left running (for the time it would've taken would've been to long when I started it) messed up the OS.

So after trying to get it back working, I had to bite the bullet and format C:. I really hated doing this (all my old webpages were on there). But... I decided that I don't want to look back.

So now, I reinstall XP pro. 1 adapter is showing as working and a second one is showing as not. I try to update the drivers, but it doesn't work. I can't get online. At all.

But I can ping So that would lead me to believe that it's working. But no info is being sent or received.

I didn't change the cords when I reinstalled, but I'm getting desperate, so I see if there is a second plugin that perhaps is just waiting for a cord. The one the cord in plugged into now is not giving me any data transmitting and just showing me an orange light and a red light (with the orange flashing slightly). So no heartbeat.

I can't ping the gateway.. or anywhere outside of it... When I run "ipconfig /all", I get NOTHING except the title. Not even 0's. The windows process window under networking is telling me that I don't have a network card installed. If I try to repair it, I get "failed to query tcp/ip settings of the connection".

So, I'm pretty much out of luck. Anyone out there have any ideas?
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